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You Know you have an Addiction to Candles When....

Hello all my candle snobs!

I had to think what would be a great first post to my blog on my website. Then I thought why not post about my obsession with candles because I know there are a million other women/men who share this addiction with me.

How many of my viewers or readers have several candles in every room of their home? Do you feel like every time you see a candle when your out you need to buy one? Well that was me.

This is where Clean & Classy Candle Co. was birthed from. My excessive burning of candles has trickled over to the members of my household.

Here is a very short list that I compiled that suggest you have a candle addiction:

1. When you hear the word candle mentioned you get a feeling of someone telling you that you just won the lottery.

2. You already have an abundance of candles but you feel the need to have more. You have an undying desire to have more candles you covet them.

3. You are like a fiend who can't survive unless you get your fix. In this case it would be that need to burn or buy your favorite scents of candles.

Okay okay I could go on forever. This undying desire to smell the aromas of