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A story of freshness

Ravin Headshot.jpg

Meet Ravin

Ravin Scott is the Owner of Clean & Classy Candle Co. We make some of the finest premium 100% hand poured soy candles. Clean & Classy Candle Co. was started because of my love for candles and from the disappointment of the candles I purchased from the larger candle retailers.


I wanted a candle that was healthier and a candle that would provide a great scent throw when it was lit. So… that's exactly what I did. I started producing a 100% soy candle with a cotton wick that smells absolutely amazing when it's  burning.


Clean & Classy Candle Co. continues to grow everyday. We are building a brand that strives to understand and supersede the expectations, needs and demands of our customer. This has been an amazing experience for me and I'm looking forward to continued growth and am expecting great things.


I love and appreciate every single person who helps and supports making my vision a reality!

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