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The Holiday Season is Upon Us!!

We have now entered into the holiday season. We have gotten past Halloween and Thanksgiving is very quickly coming. I'm not sure how to feel about how fast this year has gone. Everyone for the most part is now preparing their homes for the end of the year celebrations.

One of the vices that are used to usher in these holidays are..... (drumroll) candles!!!. Candles make great holiday gifts. I happen to make some of the most amazing Soy candles you could light and burn in your home, office, spa... where ever you like to burn hunny I got you covered.

Some the holiday scents Clean & Classy Candle Co. are offering this year are:

Spiced Wine

Pomegranate Cider

Blue Spruce

Mint & Eucalyptus


It's candle season baby!!! I look forward to sharing my wonderful candles with each and every one of you my candle snobs and potential candle snobs.

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