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Clean & Classy Candle Co. has finally released our scents for the spring. We will be releasing our scents in 8oz jars.  We have 12 scents available for your choosing. As you already know our scents are premium, one of a kind scents. You won't get the same candle anywhere and I mean anywhere! Happy Spring and enjoy a few of our amazing 12 scents available.


Scents Available-


No Stress- Eucalyptus & Mint (green & minty)


Strawberry Lychee- Strawberry & Guava -(Fruity & Sweet)


Honeysuckle Oud- Honeysuckle Jasmine & Oud ( Woodsy & Floral)


Orchid Water (Floral & Freesia)


Pow Der (Musky & Soft)


Sea Salt Oasis- Salty Ocean Breeze & Cashmere and Plum (Ozonic & Fresh)

Relaxed & Unbothered- Lavendar ( Floral Scent)


Peppercorn Pomander- Peppercorn & Citrus (Citrus & Spice)


Clean Laundry- Laudromat Scent (Fresh & Clean)


Cumber Melon- Cucumber, Mango &  Melon- (Fruity & Fresh)


Beach Santal- Coconut Santal, Coconut Soliel & Carribean Teakwood (Woodsy & Earthy & Coconut)


Sweet Orange- Raw Sugar & Mandarin ( Sweet & Fruity)


You know we are Lighting up your senses!

Spring Scent 2oz Tealights

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